Pola Asuh Orang Tua dan Minat Belajar Peserta Didik Pada Proses Pembelajaran E-Learning

  • Amini Setyaningsih STIT Muslim Asia Afrika
  • Abdul Kadir STIT Muslim Asia Afrika
Keywords: Parenting, Interest to Learn, E-Learning


Parenting is the process of interaction that occurs between parents and children which is a parenting pattern in the family environment that has an influence on the development of the child's personality. Parenting can also be a process of communication between parents and children to build closeness well so that parents will know more about their child's character and be guided according to what the child wants. This research was conducted at Kedaung RT 09 RW 04 Kota Tangerang Selatan which has appropriate identification to be studied more deeply.

This research aims to find out the parenting applied by parents to increase children's learning interest in e-learning. This research uses qualitative case study methods through interviews. The sample used is purposive sampling. Data is collected by way of interviews to the community, especially parents who care for their children during the e-learning period.

The results of this study note that: The role that parents do in applying parenting to increase the learning interest of learners in the e-learning period is with different parenting as parents apply in guiding their children at home. The most appropriate parenting and lead the child in achieving interest in learning at home is democratic parenting, because parents free children in learning or other activities without curbing or forcing children to follow their will. Children are guided and directed according to their abilities and desires without forgetting to be taught responsibly about what their obligations as learners are.

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