Keislaman Sempurna Nabi Ibrahim AS

(Totalitas Seorang Hamba dalam Merespon Perintah Allah)


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Trust, Substance, Lover of God, Preferred messenger, Honest


From several opinions of commentators that the task of human life which is a mandate from Allah is essentially of two kinds, namely 'abdullah (worshiping or serving Allah), and Allah's caliph, both of which must be carried out with full responsibility. Prophet Ibrahim as. can position well on these two substances. He succeeded in placing himself as a servant who perfectly fulfilled his duties on the substance of the body as a servant and at the same time succeeded in carrying out his duties on the substance of the spirit as a caliph on earth. Not only being a chosen human being with the title of khalilullah (God's lover) but also being the winner of the top five chosen messengers we know as Preferred Messengers. The story of honesty in Prophet Ibrahim as. in conveying the message of Allah SWT to his son, we can find it in the Al-Qur'an letter Ash-Shaffat (37): 102. Furthermore, the good character of the prophet Ibrahim as. among them are always obedient and hanif, always grateful for the blessings of Allah, and are among the pious people.




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